The Canvas Project

The Canvas Project:

A street art event & exhibition series dedicated to the protection of the oceans

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The Canvas Project

The Canvas Project:

A street art event & exhibition series dedicated to the protection of the oceans

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The Canvas Project is a streetart event & exhibition series dedicated to the protection of the oceans.

Urban artists come together and create artworks in a Jam Session. the artworks are based on photos of the ocean printed on canvas.

the episodes take place in different locations: Until now, more than 50 artworks were created by international artists in Paris, Rio and Porto.

The canvases are exhibited in the city of the venue and at the following events. in case a canvas is sold we donate the money to the non-profit organisation Surfrider Foundation.


latest events:


Feb 05-08, 2015
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How did the idea arise?

The idea developed from the union of two passions: the sea and urban art. The Montebelo crew, in love with both, decided to stimulate the awareness for the protection of the oceans through art.

So we met with the French artist Jean Faucher to support our project. Jean is the founder of Le M.U.R. and a figure of great importance for the history of the urban art movement in Paris. He encouraged us to make the project real and was very important for its conception.

What is the purpose of the project and the events?

The goal is to use art as a vehicle of awareness for the importance of the constant protection of seas and oceans and to raise money through the sale of the works on behalf of Surfrider Foundation.

While the events takes place it is a relaxed gathering for good people to discuss small things that can help to preserve the seas and the oceans.

The travels of the artworks

The artworks shall be accessible to everybody. After the works are created, they will be exhibited in the same city for some weeks. Then they travel to be exhibited during the next sessions. The works created in Paris were exposed in Rio. Then, the works created in Paris and Rio were exposed in Porto. The next possible stops are planned for Berlin and Vienna.

Urban art has the principle of being on the streets, breaking the elitist aspect of traditional art, which tends to be seen by few people in museums and galleries. With the journey of our works, the project seeks to turn this contact with art accessible.

Surfrider Foundation Europe

Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non profit organization, dedicated to defending, saving, improving and managing in a sustainable manner the ocean, coastline, waves and the people who enjoy them.

Created in 1990 in Europe (Biarritz, France) by surfers, including 3-time World Surfing Champion Tom Curren, the organization brings together today about 1.500 volunteers, 10.000 members, about 40 local chapters, and more than 40.000 supporters in Europe.


1st epsisode – Paris:

  • Jean Faucher, France
  • Gilbert, France/Africa
  • Quentin de Waele, Belgium
  • Rafael Suriani, Brazil
  • Zezão, Brazil
  • SixO, France
  • Larivaz Dominique, France

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2nd episode – Rio:

  • PXE, Brazil
  • Bruno Big, Brazil
  • Rafo Castro, Brazil
  • Cela Luz, Brazil
  • Marcelo Ment, Brazil
  • Acme, Brazil
  • Pedro PNG, Brazil

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3rd episode – Porto:

  • Chei Krew, Portugal
  • Emilone, Germany
  • Catarina Machado, Portugal
  • Maismenos, Portugal
  • Mesk, Portugal
  • Oker, Portugal
  • SEM, Portugal
  • Third, Portugal
  • Uzo, Portugal

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Urban artists of all styles and nationality are invited.

If you want to participate and be part of the curatorial process please get in touch with us: hello@montebelo.org

Join our team and become a part of the project:

  • Exhibition
  • Photos/Filming
  • Music
  • Promotion
  • Side events
  • etc.


Support us by sponsoring the project or the next event. Help us with the event venue or materials:

  • Event infrastructure, drinks etc.
  • Printing of flyers or canvases
  • Donation of material: canvas, paint, spray, brushes

The project is 100% collaborative, please contact us: hello@montebelo.org

Future of the project

Right now we are in the planning of an exhibition in the city of Porto.
The next events are planned for Vienna and Berlin in 2015

If you have any hints or ideas, please let us know: hello@montebelo.org