Canvas Project Rio

The Canvas Project
Episode 2: Rio de Janeiro


Canvas Project Rio

The Canvas Project
Episode 2: Rio de Janeiro

After the successful event in Paris we wanted to carry on with the project and let it grow, this time in Rio de Janeiro! In collaboration with Conexao cultural and the Rocinha Surf School (helping favela kids through surf), the 2nd Art jam session happened on the beach of Leblon on the 26th of January 2014. Another pile of artwork was created by a team of Brazilian artists with the support of a cheerful crowd.

What happened to the paintings? They were exposed in the Flagship store of the Brazilian surf brand Osklen during the whole month of April.

Since we started to have people interested in buying the artwork and we need to pay their next plane tickets to find another location to keep the collection grow, we decided to sell some of them at the Osklen store.


The revenue of the sold paintings will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation in Brasil and to the Surfrider Europe, depending where the respective artist is from.

The donated artworks


If you are interested in supporting Surfrider and in purchasing any of the artworks, please get in touch with us and we will send you the whole catalogue and further information: hello@montebelo.org


Participting Artists



Pioneer at the carioca graffiti and urban activist. He is autodidact and was the first graffiti artist to expose his work in a gallery at Rio (Haus art contemporain). Dweller at the favela Pavao-Pavaozinho, community that exposed his works since he was a teenager, his inspiration was always based in your daily life, community memories and social and political panorama.


Started to draw at the age of 6. In the late 90s he started his professional life creating shapes and T-shirts. As an industrial design graduate he worked with publicity and design before he started to work independently for awareness projects like Historic Day and Clean Beach. Since 2011 he has been doing graffiti in unusual places, like the army museum inside of Fort de Copacabana.


Marcelo Ment

Marcelo Ment is a carioca from Vila da Penha. Since 1998 he used the streets of Rio and of the rest of the world as a place to show his artworks. One of the most important names of Brazilian urban art, he is autodidact, art educator and part of the first generation of graffiti artists in Rio de Janeiro.



Cela Luz

Cela Luz is a sculptor and designer. She lived  in New York to study both in Parsons art school and the School of Visual Arts, where she profounded her knowledge of drawing and painting. Cela  looks for inspiration in people and in the vast world that exists inside of us. Her art-works are provocative and thoughtful, allowing us to go to unusual places with unmistakable traces.


Bruno Big

Bruno Carneiro Mociago aka Bruno Big is a carioca, urban and plastic artist and designer. He is internationally recognized, travels regularly through the capitals of Europe to expose his work. He developed his art on the streets, factories and for big brands that are part of our daily lives, always taking his work a step forward.


Rafo Castro

Pioneer of urban intervention of the North zone in Rio de Janeiro. He is well known for his devil characters that are scattered on the walls of the city as graffitis, stencils and past-ups. Nowadays he coordinates a team at the company OM.art form the Osklen group, where he works as designer and illustrator and gives workshops of urban arts showing his work for different cities in Brazil.



Pedro PNG Gomes

The 17 year old started doing graffiti in November of 2013 at the event Urbanize-se, where he did his first canvas. Since then he was motivated by the artists also taking part in the event to keep going. His artworks can be found on the streets of Cosme Velho, RJ where he lives. He is well known for his “eyes” and women he paints all around the neighborhood. He is also CEO for the carioca  brand  Mil & Um.


Event Impressions