Alamut Castle, Valley of the Assassins, Iran

Teheran is a busy, big, polluted, crazy but wonderful city. And sometimes you need to get out of it to breathe. And this is a very good thing since the landscapes of Iran are just wonderful.

The valley of the Assassins is an about 2 hour drive (5 hours with average traffic) away from Teheran. It used to be a region run by the Nizari sect, a religious and mysterious order that would carry out espionage and assassinations of key enemy figures. Over the course of 300 years successfully killed two caliphs, and many viziers, sultans and Crusader leaders. That’s why the name of Assassins!

The Alamut castle, one among many fortresses, stands high about the beautiful valleys that become green, yellow and red during autumn time while the snow remains on the huge mountain range in the back all year long. Roads to the valley are a sight of its own and while you cruise through sceneries from the moon, you will encounter people that seem to be stuck in time for at least 50 years.