At Montebelo textile we source fabrics and oversee clothing manufacturing in Portugal and around the world.

The Montebelo textile team consists of experts in design and development of clothing lines as well as in product management, manufacturing and production management. We are skilled in working with a a wide range of yarns and fabrics, colours and prints, packaging, labelling and paper products.

In strong cooperation with our partners we focus on fair working conditions and sustainable production processes.

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development & Production


We organize and oversee the complete textile production process, from the first sample to final delivery.


Fabric production

Development and production of woven and knit fabrics in various qualities, finishing, colours and patterns. In case of sustainable fabrics we work with materials like organic cotton, tencel (eucalyptus), modal and recycled polyester.


Cutting and processing of fabrics into finished textiles.


Screen-printing is one of our specialities. We develop strong and vibrant prints out of simple graphics up to multi-coloured designs.

Furthermore we work with transfer prints, digital prints and sublimation prints.


Besides print we upgrade textiles with embroideries, applications and patches of textile yarns, metal, silicone, polyester and wood.


Labels and packaging

The Montebelo Studio works a vast amount in design and development of labels and packaging. We have a number of options waiting for its realisation. We produce all kinds of labels, patches, hangtags, paper products and boxes.

Paper products

Montebelo produces diverse individual paper products with particular finishing.


Together with the Montebelo Studio we can document and visualise all processes within the production of fabrics and garments.


Production consulting & documentation

Our consulting services have textile production covered, especially if you’re seeking sustainable solutions. Plus, we make the right marketing materials and content to go with it.


  • collection concept, design and execution
  • fabrics and production facilities
  • supplier selection
  • sustainable and socially responsible sourcing and production solutions
  • communication strategies


  • photo and video documentation of the production process

MonteNow Printshop


Short term projects, smaller quantities and complex screen prints – we brand and individualize all kind of clothing with our partner neonow at the stuttgart printshop.


Screen printing
High quality and GOTS*
certified screen print

Labeling & embroideries
Attachement of all kinds of labels, patches and embroideries.

Applications, Pattern adjustments


*GOTS = Global organic textile standard