A clothing label born and raised by Bavarian traditions, the love for beer and the famous Weisswurst sausage breakfast with pretzels. Bayrisch Wild stands for a wild, independent, humorous and innovative approach to Bavarian clothing, off the beaten tracks of traditional dresses, leather trousers and Oktoberfest trash.

We really enjoy our ongoing collaboration with the Bayrisch Wild founders and team. Our productive meetings, usually located in beautiful Wirtshäuser or beer gardens, end up in long lists of product and design ideas which we put into practice whenever possible.

One of the meeting outcomes was to create a gloomy and slightly morbid Christmas campaign for social media. After turning our Porto office into a smoke machine graveyard for a couple of days we ended up with plenty of images and a campaign highlighting both the Bayrisch Wild values and products, helping them to stand out from the usual romantic and cosy Santa Claus aesthetics.

Client: Bayrisch Wild
Category: Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Editorial, Photography, Textile

Team Montebelo:
Martin Wunderer (Creative Direction & Photography), João Ferreira (Grafikdesign& Photography), Maria Wolfsberger (Photography & Styling)

Team Osterfestival:
Sandra Helgath & Rü Hanl (Ideas, Strategy and Beer Expertise)

Guests & Collaborators: Favo Studio Smoke Machine