Curious Minds is a transdisciplinary community of thinkers and actors working at the intersection of art, science, technology and society. Its purpose is to explore and challenge the boundaries of present knowledge and shape unconventional ideas for our future.

As part of our ongoing partnership with State Studio, we were asked to create a sub-identity for the Curious Minds community, and The ArtScience Monthly, a series of gatherings taking place every third Tuesday of the month. Open to all, they aimed to create a space where participants could develop new connections with one another while exploring questions related to art, science and society. These gatherings were curated either by the State Studio team or members of the Community.  

The identity we created is consistent with the overall STATE branding, but gives a clearly recognisable and distinct voice to the open and collaborative community. It consists of a wordmark logo, a colour palette, the introduction of a monospaced version of the already used typeface and a simple but strong illustration concept: The combination of rigid rules for colour, type and layout with a open and experimental approach to shape enabled us to create dozens of different visuals that evolved together with the event series.

Client: State Experience Science GmbH

Category: Art Direction, Branding

Team Montebelo:
Martin Wunderer (Creative Direction, Graphic Design), Miriam König (Graphic Design), Francisco Pires (Graphic Design)

Team State:
Christian Rauch (Director), Fotini Takirdiki (Research & Community), Lise Ninane (Research & Community), Veronika Natter (Photography)