State Festival is Berlin's Festival for Open Science, Art, and Society.

Under the title State of Emotion – The Sentimental Machine, the 2016 festival dealt with the scientific and technological breakthroughs at the interface between emotional research and artificial intelligence.

The festival consisted of a 10 day satellite program and the two-day main event hosted at Kühlhaus Berlin, an industrial hall in Berlin-Kreuzberg, that presented scientific lectures, panel discussions, film program and performances. Immersive visitor experiences, workshops, art installations and various interactive formats invited the visitors to discuss the latest developments and findings in the field, as well as their social implications and possible future developments.

After we developed their brand identity and helped to create the first festival in 2014, we have worked very closely with the State team. We were excited to have the opportunity to continue our collaboration when they asked us to work on the second and much bigger edition. We invited Johanna Dreyer and Katharina Weiß to join the team and created the visual identity and all printed and digital communication tools, giveaways and clothing for team and volunteers. We also collaborated with Isabel Prugger and the exhibition design team to integrate our identity into the location branding and wayfinding system.

After exploring different topics including biometric facial recognition and the impact of digital technology on the way we communicate, we decided to work with the six basic human emotions anger, surprise, disgust, enjoyment, fear, and sadness, as identified by Paul Ekman, pioneer in the field of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. We developed a bold and playful visual identity that invited the audience to interact and engage with it, both on digital channels and the festival venues.

Client: State Experience Science GmbH
Category: Art Direction, Branding, Location branding

Team Montebelo:
Martin Wunderer (Art Direction & Graphic Design), Johanna Dreyer (Art Direction & Graphic Design / Grafikladen), Katharina Weiß (Art Direction & Graphic Design / Grafikladen)

Team State:
Christian Rauch (Director), Daniela Silvestrin (Curator Exhibition & Performances), Pablo Rojas (Curator Conference), Vena Ward (Curator Film), Teresa Dillon (Curator Workshops & Interactives), Katharina Meyer (PopUp Lab), Julio Brandl (Marketing), Samantha Wareing (Press & Communications), Veronika Natter (Production & Partnerships), Johanna Karstila (Hospitality Management), Robert Wöstenfeld (Volunteer Coordinator), Isabel Prugger (Exhibition Design), Tobias Pieper (Architecture)

Intro video by Alex Hitchcock, Event photos by Anne Freitag & Micki Rosi Richter