The Surfrider Foundation is a worldwide grassroots non-profit environmental organisation that is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of lakes, rivers, the ocean, waves and the coastline.

As a group of ocean lovers the Montebelo founders and team always had a strong connection to the values and objectives of the Surfrider Foundation. Shortly after we approached the main chapter of the Surfrider Foundation Europe in Biarritz that we wanted to support them with their clothing line, Surfrider became one of the first Montebelo design and textile clients, and our collaboration grew into a long term partnership.

We proposed to reactivate and expand the existing SFE clothing collection to build a strong brand with a focus on the Surfrider community, providing timeless and authentic items for Surfrider members and supporters. 

For the following couple of years Montebelo was responsible for the overall creative direction, graphic and textile design, photography, fashion design, sourcing, material development, product development and production management.

The creative direction followed the foundation’s strategic goals that we translated into a brand and marketing strategy together with the SFE team, which gave us a lot of freedom for the design process. Our overall mission was to strengthen the community, increase the visibility of the foundation, raise funds but also awareness for their topics and missions. So we created an ongoing classic and timeless contemporary clothing collection, with a few strong items that addressed the key messages of the environmental campaigns of the organisation. We also focused on giving the brand more visibility by initiating collaborations with artists and athletes, including a hand drawn design from professional surfer Dane Reynolds, and organising a small charity concert with the Allah Las.

Since we had full control over the product development and production process we could create products that are completely in line with the core values of our textile team: made of natural materials, produced in Europe under fair working conditions having the least impact on the environment. Our aim was to be as transparent as possible, with the utmost concern for the people involved in the whole manufacturing process. One of our key goals and achievements was to set up a sourcing and production process that enabled us to create one of the first completely plastic free clothing collections.

Client: Surfrider Foundation Europe

Category: Art Direction, Branding, Brand Building, Communication, Digital, Editorial, Photography, Strategy, Textile, Sourcing, Research & Material Development, Product Development, Production Management

Team Montebelo:
Johannes Fürst (Brand Strategy), David Vogdt (Brand Strategy), Martin Wunderer (Creative Direction, Photography), Luke Hodges (Brand Strategy), Barbara Fontaine (Fashion Design), Marta Tomasini (Project Management, Photography), Stephanie Mora (Fashion Design, Sourcing & Product Development), Manuela Ferreira (Production Management), Nikolas Mauruschat (Development & Production), João Ferreira (Graphic Design), Maria Wolfsberger (Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography), Elisa Mauruschat (Photography), Miriam König (Illustration), Hannes Beer (Illustration), Francisco Pires (Graphic Design)

Team Surfrider Foundation Europe: Pénélope Giroud (Head of Communication & Marketing), Remi Touja (Digital Marketing Manager), Lucile Arebeille (Communication), Marion Cabridens (Fundraising), Mélody Barthelet (Customer Care), Elena Corvellec (Customer Care), Lucas Cerri (Photography)