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Montebelo Textile is a solution provider for fashion supply chains. With a hands-on approach, we operate across the entire product life cycle, from fiber to final garment and beyond.

We focus on developing sustainable materials and processes to improve the social and environmental impact of textile production.


We cater to a diverse client base, providing services tailored to their specific needs. This includes textile mills and manufacturers seeking a reliable partner for sourcing, material- and product development. Or fashion and sportswear brands looking for design and material solutions to create beautiful, lasting products. And we partner with NGOs tackling environmental issues in the fashion and textile industry.


1. Consulting & Guidance 

We define product strategies based on our client’s vision, business priorities, and resources. We guide brands and organizations through the product development process, integrating responsible practices and materials from the get-go. We map out potential suppliers & manufacturing partners, or train existing ones in new practices. We provide our clients with the necessary do’s and don’ts and background information in sustainability and materials communications.

2. Sourcing 

Our on-going research on sustainable textiles allows us to advise our clients on the latest innovations. We liaise with mills and solution providers and gather the outcomes at our specialized material library in Portugal. We develop criteria for selecting materials, and we work towards specific sourcing strategies such as circularity, reduced water consumption, compostability, plastic free, etc.

3. Research & Material Development

We research processes and solutions and work on the latest sustainable and innovative material options available on the market. For our clients, this translates into services based on in-depth knowledge and leading-edge expertise. We consistently develop new solutions for and with our partner network in Europe and Asia while making processes more collaborative and transparent for manufacturers, brands, and consumers.

4. Fashion Design & Product Development

We work with our partners on creating durable, practical, valuable, and beautiful products, always with the materials and its specific characteristics in mind. During product development, we lead and/or accompany the sampling process, and the fitting and testing phases.

5. Production Managment & Material

Montebelo Textile has its roots in the management of production processes, and our dedicated team has extensive hands-on experience in manufacturing of textile and leather products. We work with brands to guide and manage their development and production projects, from sampling to bulk production with our selected partner network. We work mainly in Portugal, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, China, and Taiwan.

6. Embellishment & Merchandise

We run a GOTS certified print house in Stuttgart, Germany. Having our own facility makes it possible to provide clients with prints, embroideries, and labeling of ready-made garments under flexible conditions, even when time frames are tight.


The Montebelo textile team has extensive experience in the areas of sourcing, design, production, product management and marketing. In addition to our core team, we collaborate with a strong network of like-minded professionals.



HerMin is a vertical woven textile mill based in Taiwan, and a pioneer in the creation of natural performance fabrics. The in-house processes of yarn-dyeing, weaving, and finishing adhere to the highest standards in terms of quality, innovation, and sustainability. Website

As co-creators of "The Natural Laboratory" by Hermin, we focus on renewable raw materials such as cotton, wool, linen, and cellulosic fibers. The goal is to highlight the natural characteristics of these materials and to combine them with the newest weaving, yarn, and equipment technologies. The resulting fabrics are a natural alternative to modern synthetic materials and are manufactured in harmony with the environment.

As the leading producer of sustainable “ready to print” garments, they are among the top 10 purchasers of organic cotton in the world. We have been a Stanley & Stella partner since 2018 and are an official dealer of their products, which we embellish at our GOTS certified print house in Germany.

This global community of people passionate about cotton is committed to making cotton supply chains more sustainable. Founded by Marzia, one of our most trusted collaborators, we provide mutual support and work together on sourcing, consulting, and content creation.

Common Objective (CO) is an intelligent business network for the fashion industry. Montebelo is a partner and stakeholder and our team and partner are using the platform for learning, connecting with other professionals.

Largo Alexandre Sá Pinto 16/2E, 4050-027 Porto, Portugal
A Coruña
Avenida do Porto nº3, 15003 A Coruña, Spain
Friedrich-Scholer-Straße 13/7, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany
Goldene-Bären-Straße 12, 93047 Regensburg

Largo Alexandre Sá Pinto 16/2E, 4050-027 Porto, Portugal
A Coruña
Avenida do Porto nº3, 15003 A Coruña, Spain
Friedrich-Scholer-Straße 1, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany
Goldene-Bären-Straße 12, 93047 Regensburg, Germany

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