The Textile Prototyping Lab in Berlin is the first open laboratory for high-tech textiles in Germany. With its versatile prototyping infrastructure and interdisciplinary team it enables the realisation of complex textile projects.

For their symposium Transitions, Transfers & Co-Creation in the Field of Textiles and Beyond they teamed up with our friends from STATE Studio and invited Montebelo to create the branding. The online event explores the challenges and achievements that have emerged along the journey of the Textile Prototyping Lab.

The event identity is inspired by the interdisciplinary projects and prototypes created at TPL. We looked at digital representations of analog textile processes, and transformed this visual language into a playful yet sophisticated branding concept with a futuristic touch.

Client: Textile Prototyping Lab
Category: Branding, Communication, Digital, Textile

Team Montebelo:
Martin Wunderer (Creative Direction, Graphic Design), Francisco Pires (Graphic Design)

Team TPL & STATE: Essi Johanna Glomb, Karina Wirth, Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Christian Rauch, Victoria Domke & Lise Ninane

Guests & Collaborators: Uli Einweg (Animation)